Nobue K Jewelry

‍Artist / Jeweller : Nobue Kinoshita

Artist / Jeweller : Nobue Kinoshita

​Hi, I’m Nobue, a Japanese who lives in Auckland, New Zealand.

I’ve been making metalsmith jewellery at my home studio.

I've graduated from the Manukau Institute of Technology where I learnt metalsmith and jewelry making techniques.  When I was a student there, I've received the Art Funding Award from Manukau City as my scholarship.  

I’ve continued self-learning  about jewellery making since graduation and I've also visited Japan to gain more techniques.  My passion for jewellery making is endless.  

I've been using sterling silver as the main material but I can use gold as well as other materials.  My jewellery is sold at some selected retail gift shops in New Zealand.

I like to make unique jewellery which you don't see often and most of my jewellery concepts are designed with meanings built within it so people would feel happy wearing the product.