School Workshops

Give your students the experience of taiko

Japanese taiko drumming is known for its unique blend of team coordination and individual skill. This combination makes it a fun, dynamic, unique team-building exercise.

Participants experience;

Learning something entirely new in a short period of timeLearning to think about more than one thing at a time -- combining rhythm and movementLearning to work together as a team to perform "as one."  The teamwork dynamic is an essential aspect of playing the Japanese drums.Trusting others to do their part, to make the whole song come togetherTrusting yourself to be dependable in your own part of the song

How It Works

We can bring Tamashii's unique team-building experience to your organization, or help you find a venue for the event.

Indoors or outdoors are both great options.

Our team-building exercise is recommended for groups of 10 to  21 people. Larger or smaller groups can be accomodated, but larger may need to be split into separate class sessions to enjoy the full experience.

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