Martial Arts Events

The very spirit of Japanese Budo.

Taiko Drumming has much in common with the martial arts, both in movement style and in training approach. While it is most closely associated with Japanese budo, taiko is well-suited to any kind of martial arts event.

Competitive Events

We perform at style-specific and MMA events, including Carnage in the Cage at ASB Stadium.

Gradings & Award Ceremonies

Many clubs choose to have special festivities for the grading of its most senior members. Taiko drumming is a memorable way to celebrate the occasion.

Special Ceremonies

e.g. Kagami Biraki

Club Events

Black belt events, club camps, and more...

Many of our performers also practice the martial arts, including aikido, karate, and judo -- and those movements and techniques have directly influenced our performing style.

Martial Arts dojos are an excellent place for a taiko performance. Our team trains regularly in dojos and we are very careful to protect dojo floors from any scratches.

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